• Kency Gilet

Know Thy Self

It seems that everybody is constantly reinventing themselves. Wielding the power of social media, we can see in real time the shift from self-assurance to self-doubt and then to change. Is this the new normal that we’ve been hearing about? I sure hope not.

I use social media a lot like most of you. And I like to believe that I’m a little different, hopefully a little better, every single day. But there is a difference between ongoing personal growth and an unstable self-concept. Your self-concept is how you view and accept yourself as a person. If you view yourself as a strong, competent woman then you’ll probably try new things and take chances. If you believe you’re a weak, incompetent guy then you’ll isolate and cower in the face of adversity. See how important it is? Your self-concept is the blueprint for how you interact with the world around you.

But wait, we all have good days and bad days. That’s normal, right? Yes! Having different moods throughout your week or even day is totally normal. Even on your bad days, you still have an underlying belief that defines you. Imagine if you’re the most talented employee at your job and you know your skills are impressive. Even a bad day at work where customers are unruly and your boss is a pain; those won’t shake your strongly held belief that you’re a talented, hardworking person. You’ll double down and fix what needs fixing.

Having a well-defined self-concept is something worth investing time into. Here’s how: Take a quiet moment and just sit to think about who you are. Think about how your loved ones see you. Then think about the kind of person you would like to be. Be that person by internalizing the traits and act as if you’re already that person. This is one of those times where “fake it till you make it.” actually applies.

Live as a good and honest person and you will be a good and honest person. Live as a brave, inspiring leader and you will be a brave, inspiring leader. You have within you already the needed skills to make this mind and body shift. The only needed ingredient now is action.

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